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Let the record show--My review

Ahoy ahoy.
OK, Of course I was always going to buy this Kevin Rowland...oops I mean "dexys" album, the deluxe version no less!! I've listened to it 3 times so far, but this 4th listen I will write my review, track by track *note don't buy the deluxe version, total rip off! anyway, here we go:

Track 1-Women of Ireland

I have no liner notes, so dont know who played on this, I detect Helen on it, Helen's own version of this for her album was the superior version, not sure why Kevin and Sean had to "ooohh oohh ohhh ohh" on this, no need, nice tune though, a good opener.

Track 2-To Love Somebody

I like this, a sort of conversational version, obv no brass, in fact I do "think" Big Jim is on one track on this album, more on that later, and this could have done with his solo on it, nethertheless, another nice track, nowt special, bit too much growling "huhs" on it.

Track 3-Smoke gets in your eyes

My joint fave song from this album, very weird this, my nan LOVED this song, I have it on a old gramaphone record, Kev does it justice, a very showtune version, like it a lot though!

Track 4-The Curragh of Kildare

Could have been on DSMD album, love the spoken intro, not sure about Sean's growling in pain vocals, another good track though, looking good so far eh! Who is the female vocalist? overall, good, special mention to that brilliant top note at the end from Kev.

Track 5-I'll take you home again,Kathleen

This is like a natural part 2 to Kathleen Mavourneen, vocals just as pure, nice story telling, nice tune, nice playing, all in all, very nice.

Track 6-You wear it well

Now this is where things start to slide a little, I fucking hate this, electric guitar soft rock nonsense, hated the original, despise this, very little going for it, except some nice fiddle work, couldn't wait for this to finish to be honest.

Track 7-40 shades of green

A jolly little ditty, that roles about, bit of a nothing version really, it's ok, not shit, made listenable due to a certain trombone showing up on it! ok though, alright!

Track 8-How do I live

My personal fave track on the album, Sure Helen and Jim are playing on this, It is emotional, the playing, Kevs vocals, the spirit, this has it all, should be released as a single, if anything as a Gravestone to "old dexys" because of the personnel who played on it, and played on it so very well.

Track 9-Grazing in the grass

This one is doing my head in, a 70s throwback, but fused with real and synth brass, and 70s choral voices, a song to have on, with the windows open and the sun blazing in whilst having a nice cool drink.

Track 10-The town I loved so well

I am not educated enough to fully comment on what this songs means, especially to the people it obviously affected so much, Its emotional and really quite a lovely version.

Track 11-Both sides now

Another jolly tune, difference is that I really dont like this, at all, the song, the playing and the fucking video with a bunch of cretins walking to nowhere in particular, nope, dinna like this 'un

Track 12-Carrickfergus

Like this, again very emotional, good vibe on it all the way through, Kevs vocals have never been stronger, slightly showy towards the end but a good song to keep coming back to.

All the vocal/instumental extras

Are not worth bothering with EXCEPT the instrumental version of How do I live, which needs to be listened to as a musical dexys goodbye to Helen and Jim, a treat this as their swansong so to speak, and it's beautiful.Of course Kev being Kev will now go on to release a new dexys album of original songs that will include them both and blow my idea out of the water!

So, Its a nice album ok, there are a few turkeys, but overall as a dexys fan, young or old, it should be bought and listened to, not as previous albums, you can pick out tracks to listen to when you are in the right mood, it's worth having.

Let the record show...I am not THAT miserable...honest!

OK, firstly I'd like to apologise to anyone on Facebook if my last column caused offense, it was nothing personal, for those who have known me over the years will testify, I often speak from the heart and the brain doesn't get a look in much of the time.

On to the new dexys album then....

Look, my opinion really hasn't changed that much, it's a nice collection of songs, Kevin's vocals are strong, they have changed, of course they have, it's a more controlled vocal now, the passion is there, we can all hear that, but, I dunno, it's a controlled passion now, whereas in the past it was just "out there", shout it out, fuck what people think, sing it, feel it, there is a certain calmness, maybe that is where Kevin finds himself these days, more calm, more in control, maybe dare I say it, happier with his lot at the present time.
The music of new dexys is something I can say I am not a particular fan of, that's not to say it's shit, no, these musicians in this present incarnation, are totally professional and qualified, who am I to even comment on them? A failed vocalist/songwriter who was too scared to take a leap of faith and get off his bum, yeah, I really am qualified aren't I? hee hee!
I would describe the sound as "loungish"", is that a word even? Look, I love brass, thumping drums and good old Mr Hammond's organ, I am a dinosaur, it's like someone living in the 80s but still loving the sound of Glenn Miller and his band, but, that's what I like, Ive tried to adapt, but, I still cant get the sound of Blythe's sax on Love part 1 out of my head, it's my problem, yes, I know.

I've always looked and listened to dexys from the outside, I've never wanted to get close, to be with the "in crowd", I make my own personal choice as to what dexys meant/means to me, that has cost me friends, I know it has, it has caused finger pointing and laughter too, it's also brought people closer and others further away, but that is the nature of the beast, dexys is still very important to me, maybe too important at times, but I say and do these things because I care, believe me, maybe I care too much at times..
So am I impressed with the dexys vids on Youtube for a couple of the tracks? I love the Carrickfergus vid, very passionate, as for the "other one", Kevin walking down the street with what appears to be members from some sort of amateur dramatic cast ensemble, just by looking at them my thoughts instantly said; "I don't like these...people, may I state here and now", I'm sure they are all very nice.

Anyway, good luck Kev with the new album.

Also the very best to Big Jim and Sandra, I know things have gotten very tough lately, but my thoughts and love are with you both, feel the strength and it will be ok.

Until next time, keep on believing.


This lot have still got it!

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